March Birthstone: Aquamarine

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Celebrate the month of March with the aquamarine gemstone, known for its blue-green color, alluding to the hues of the ocean. The name derives from the Latin word ‘aqua’ which means “water” and ‘marine’ which means “of the sea.” Legend says that the stone would calm the waves and keep the sailors safe throughout their travels. The gem is also believed to grant healing powers to its wearer by translating eternal courage, happiness, love and increasing intelligence.

Aquamarine is vastly found in Brazil, Kenya and Nigeria, as well as in many parts of Russia. It is made from a variety of beryl stones, and its colors range from blue-green to a light sky blue. Unlike other gemstones, the aquamarine stone is generally flawless.

In celebration of March birthdays, we created a list featuring a few of our favorite aquamarine stones.

Featuring an open design, the Whirl Aquamarine Bespoke Necklace lays elegantly around the neck, with a large seven carat aquamarine on one side and a diamond on the other. The necklace is a true show stopper for its ultra-modern and unique architectural design.  

Whirl Aquamarine Bespoke Necklace

The Aquamarine Bespoke Earrings are a stunning piece to own. The earrings are sophisticated and classic providing an all around glamorous look. Two standout aquamarine stones elegantly float in the center surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Aquamarine Bespoke Earrings

For more Aquamarine gemstone inspiration check out the Carelle Pinterest page and share your favorite looks and designs with us on social: @carellejewelry#CarelleJewlery


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