October Birthstone: Tourmaline

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Together with opal, tourmaline is October’s birthstone, known primarily for its spectrum of rainbow colors, even including black and white. The name tourmaline originated from the Sinhalese word ‘ tura maline,’ which means “stones of mixed colors.” Carelle’s Director of Gem Acquisitions, Perry Regev, explained that the majority of tourmaline gemstones have in fact at least two colors if not more. However, the stone can be cut in a precise manner to accentuate one color. 

Tourmaline is referenced as a “receptive stone” for its magnetic powers that promote spirituality, mediation, and wisdom. Many consider the stone to have more psychological effects than physical effects because it can help retain calmness, promote peace, and control negative emotions such as anger and jealousy. The stone is also believed to help treat health ailments like heart disease, arthritis, blood poisoning, and anxiety.

For the month of October, we created a list featuring a few of our favorite tourmaline stones.


The Whirl Tourmaline Martini Rings feature an open circular design with a large tourmaline and a diamond accent stone. The rings can be paired with any of the martini styles, larger or smaller, to make a sophisticated color combination that is both luxurious and fun.


The Whirl Green Tourmaline Bangle showcases two pear shaped tourmaline stones and a twist hinge, making it easy to put on and take off, and comfortable to wear every day. For the woman who loves variety, the tourmaline bracelet is perfect to stack with other Whirl bracelets for a glam look.


The Whirl Pink Tourmaline Ring features a show stopping pink tourmaline stone with an accent diamond. The ring is a classic addition to any jewelry collection making it the ideal day- to-night piece that would adorn any outfit.

Which tourmaline piece matches your style? For more tourmaline gemstone inspiration check out the Carelle Pinterest page and share your favorite looks and designs with us on social: @carellejewelry #CarelleJewlery

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