Precious Cargo: Episode 3

Posted by Gabriela on 21st Mar 2018

Ah, the motherland, Costa Rica…or maybe more accurately, my mother’s land! I was #blessed to have been born to a Costa Rican mother, who I love so dearly and visit often. There are many reasons to visit Costa Rica—the first one being that Carelle is sold at Joyeria Muller, which is historically the best jewelry store in the entire country, and one of the best in the world. Be sure to visit their location in the Multiplaza Escazu to see the latest Carelle collections.Costa Rica is so beautiful and chill that it has its own motto: pura vida, which translates to pure life. It’s a […]

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Precious Cargo: Episode 2

Posted by Gabriela on 8th Mar 2018

Wow, D.C. can be so beautiful sometimes; especially after taking the super-smooth shuttle service from LGA to Reagan. Why on earth did I fly into Dulles that one time and why did I take Amtrak for all those years, thinking I was saving time and money? The cat is out of the bag: the LGA-DCA shuttle is cheaper and faster. The shuttle has free wine (WOO) and the plane is mostly empty except for the grownup Ferris Bueller-looking politicos. I see a fierce Boss Lady rocking the Carelle Whirl collar and Whirl ring. She’s wearing a killer Armani suit, 105mm Manolos an […]

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Precious Cargo: Episode 1

Posted by Gabriela on 22nd Feb 2018

I reside in airports and hotels approximately 50% of the year. It’s the sort of life that isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy observing the culture at large, it is pretty damn entertaining. I’d like to take you along for a ride with my new segment here on the Carelle blog.I’m reporting live from Birmingham, Alabama. I like to pronounce it the way the English do, with a silent “h” because Tommy Shelby (so dreamy!), from Peaky Blinders says it that way and he can do no wrong. It’s fun to say it out loud: “Birming-UM” (English) and then “Birmin-HAM” (Alabamian). Traveling […]

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