Capture her Heart

Posted by The Carelle Girls on 13th Feb 2015

With Valentine’s Day around the corner – adorn that special someone with an elegant piece that is sure to remind her of your everlasting love. We suggest you opt for the red, pink and purple hues to symbolize your lusting emotions. Appropriately, February’s birthstone – the Amethyst – encompasses the deep violets and reds to the lighter lilac shades, known as the shades of love. As Perry Regev, Carelle’s director of gem acquisition recounts, the name of the gemstone is Greek for “not intoxicated.” Legend says that if while drinking wine, one wore the Amethyst stone around thei […]

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The Glamour in Movement

Posted by The Carelle Girls on 14th Jan 2015

As we ring in the New Year, we reflect upon the year that’s passed and determine the way we wish to move in to the new. In 2014, movement was a significant inspiration behind Carelle’s fine jewelry designs. It was adopted not only as a concept, but as an actionable attribute in the pieces – allowing the jewelry to flow and transform. The once solely architecturally structured is now brought to life, as the jewelry remains fluid with each movement of the wearer.Movement may also transpire in the way the jewelry design forces the eye to jump between the various components of the […]

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Carelle's Gem Director on National Jewelers: Spotlight on Spinel

Posted by The Carelle Girls on 8th Dec 2014

National Jeweler’s Brecken Branstrator has brought the spotlight on spinel and its advancing rise to fame in Rocks On: Spinel to ‘have its day.’ She approached industry experts for thoughts on the gem’s imminent future, as the demand for the previously undervalued stone has been rising – while its supply is decreasing.Carelle’s director of gem acquisition, Perry Regev, was quoted on his views regarding the newly appreciated gemstone. As cited in the article, among the facets that draw Regev to spinel is the gem’s “in-between shades that really help Carelle’s designs c […]

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The Finest Craftsmanship

Posted by The Carelle Girls on 23rd Nov 2014

Every Carelle piece begins and ends with the stone that inspires the creation. In Carelle designer and Co-Founder Chana Regev’s words, “When I look at a gemstone I see more than one of nature’s most beautiful artifacts, I can see the house that should be built around it.”Having both the design studio and workshop right in the heart of New York City provides Chana the opportunity to intimately work with her team of skilled artisans, who meticulously handcraft each Carelle piece from start to finish. Working together allows them to perfect the form, fit and scale of each piece, culminatin […]

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A Birthstone To Remember

Posted by The Carelle Girls on 6th Nov 2014

Wearing one’s birthstone has long been known to bring health and good luck, so how lucky are we that astrologers have coordinated November’s birthstones to this season’s hottest colors? Citrine and topaz, both recognized for this month, perfectly accent our fall palettes with their warm and earthy tones. While citrine ranges from pastel yellow to a dark brownish-wine tone, topaz can wander into the cool side with classic purple and blue hues. Noted for igniting creativity, the orange citrine was a favorite of Hollywood stars Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. This November, inspire your l […]

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