A local's guide to the best spring dates in NYC

Posted by Gabriela on 4th May 2018

Ah, summertime in the city! New Yorkers get to ditch the parkas, show some skin, and play like children in the city that never sleeps. Whether you’re into the arts, nature, or a tasty food, NYC has you covered. Get your sundress ready, put on the strappy sandals, drip in diamonds and get out there and have some fun!If you both like the Arts…MET: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic ImaginationThe exhibition will span across three venues; the Anna Wintour Costume Center, the MET medieval galleries and the Cloisters, located uptown in Fort Tryon Park. The show runs from May […]

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Bergdorf Goodman's Holiday Windows Celebrate the City’s Cultural Institutions

Posted by The Carelle Girls on 13th Dec 2017

We are swooning over the 2017 Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday windows, entitled “To New York With Love.” They capture New York's appreciation for the visual arts, history, music, film and more by showcasing. Images by: Ricky Zehavi New York Philharmonic New York Botanical Garden Museum of the Moving Image New-York Historical Society American Museum of Natural History Brooklyn Academy of Music […]

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October Birthstone: Tourmaline

Posted by The Carelle Girls on 5th Oct 2017

Together with opal, tourmaline is October’s birthstone, known primarily for its spectrum of rainbow colors, even including black and white. The name tourmaline originated from the Sinhalese word ‘ tura maline,’ which means “stones of mixed colors.” Carelle’s Director of Gem Acquisitions, Perry Regev, explained that the majority of tourmaline gemstones have in fact at least two colors if not more. However, the stone can be cut in a precise manner to accentuate one color.  Tourmaline is referenced as a “receptive stone” for its magnetic powers that promote spirituality, […]

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Dazzling Sapphires

8th Sep 2017

For the month of September the sapphire gemstone makes a spectacular appearance as the feature birthstone or to celebrate a 45th anniversary. The classic sapphire stone is available in a large array of colors, with blue sapphires identified as the most popular. Sapphire is methodically known as the ‘Stone of Wisdom’, and is believed to preserve chastity, discover fraud and protect against diseases. Ancient Greeks wore the stone to provide wisdom and insight at Delphi - to help seek answers when visiting the Oracle at Apollo’s Shrine. Buddhists would use the stone as an amulet to help b […]

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April Birthstone: Shine Bright like a Diamond

Posted by The Carelle Girls on 6th Apr 2017

The spring season is in full effect in the Northeast, giving us another reason to lust after the warm weather, slowly getting rid of our cold weather accessories to show-off our fabulous jewelry collections. For the month of April, the brilliant diamond stone is highlighted as the featured birthstone. Diamond is made from carbon and is known to be one of the “toughest” stones. Its texture is 58 times harder than any other natural mineral and can only be cut with another diamond. That is why the Ancient Greeks named it "adamas," meaning invincible and indestructible. It is […]

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