How to Style Modern Luxury Jewelry

How to Style Modern Luxury Jewelry

Modern luxury jewelry should accent your natural elegance seamlessly. Understanding the distracting and enhancing forces of accessorizing helps you optimize your total appearance.

Your jewelry and clothing must work cooperatively instead of compete with each other. An orange sapphire pendant is lost with a colorfully patterned top, just as a pave diamond necklace drowns behind a ruffled neckline. Simple seams and fabric colors let your jewelry shine in uncluttered brilliance.

A true piece of luxury jewelry brings vibrancy to your appearance. Optimize this vibrancy by contrasting brightly colored gemstones with dark-colored clothing and complementing light-colored clothing with pale gemstone jewelry. For example, the fiery tones of an orange sapphire ring embolden a black dress, while a purple sapphire ring infuses a brown silk sweater with regal brilliance. Add whimsy and sophistication to a pale pink dress or pale mint blouse with one of your Rose de France rings. 

A piece of handcrafted luxury jewelry should be the visual centerpiece of your ensemble. For optimum visibility, the bottom of your necklace must measure at least three inches above your clothing neckline. No matter how stunning, not every style of necklace goes well with every neckline. A pendant-style pave diamond necklace coordinates best with a scoop neck or V-shaped neckline, while a square-shaped neckline requires a shorter, princess-style necklace. Coordinating your necklace length with the depth and shape of your neckline keeps your luxury jewelry visible.

Limit your use of additional jewelry based on the size and style of your necklace. For instance, a large, purple sapphire pendant surrounded by pave diamonds becomes overburdened by heavy earrings and rings. Conversely, a delicate green quartz pendant will coordinate beautifully with a small pair of matching earrings.

A large ring enlivens any simple cocktail dress or evening gown. Gemstones with heavy visual texture, such as rutilated quartz rings, make superb accessories for this purpose. With their intricate golden patterns, rutilated quartz rings exemplify a rare instance when gemstone inclusions are desirable.

Rings should accentuate your hand without weighing it down. Wearing two or three rings on a single finger requires thoughtful coordination. Create visual variety by mixing rings of different sizes and colors. A single finger with two Rose de France rings looks unbalanced and gaudy. Instead, pair a medium-sized Rose de France ring with a smaller purple sapphire ring.

Carelle's modern luxury jewelry pieces are as stunning and unique as the women who wear them. Our handcrafted pieces celebrate the serene brilliance of the shapes and colors found throughout nature. We invite you to explore our jewelry collections.

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